Allow me to welcome you to the web site for the virtual 416 RCAF Squadron "The Lynx".

     This Squadron is manned by pilots for the online WWII combat simulator "WarBirds" by iEN.We are created after 416 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force who were active in Europe during the Second World War. This site is also dedicated to Lloyd Chadburn. The Squadron Leader who flew with 416 Squadron during the war and earned the nickname "The Angel" for his efforts at protecting Allied bombers. For more information on Chadburn and other Canadian pilots, click on the poppy on the main page.

     This site was created for a number of reasons. First, as a place for Squadron members to have a virtual home and second, to hopefully increase people's awareness of what our fathers and grandfathers went through. Thousands of Canadians died in the air over Europe in either fighters or bombers. We hope this will create more interest in Canadian Military History and the Canadian air involvement in World War II.

     WarBirds is not easy to master but once you do, you will become a terror in the skies. Since the virtual 416 RCAF "The Lynx" were formed in June 1998, we have become a highly active and respected squadron in historical recreations of the aerial battles of WWII in "WarBirds". The current squadron members and the WarBirds staff will help you to become an expert in a short period of time.

     Please take a look around the Squadron and if you like what you see, walk down the hall and knock on the door of the Recruiting Office. Fill out the papers and we'll get you on your way.

     Thank you for stopping in,


416 Squadron RCAF "The Lynx"